Much More Versatile than Apple Pay

I LOVE technology. I absolutely do. Ever since I was a child… But I know better than to put all my eggs in one basket. Phones have a great camera, but I know where to draw the line. I won’t take professional photographs with it. I have a mirrorless camera for that. Phones are great for texting, but I’d never type out these articles on them. My trusty laptop is my true workstation. Similarly, with mobile payments becoming the new thing, I’d love to be able to tap my phone and make payments, but I’m going nowhere without my wallet. There’s just an elegant simplicity and an aspect of culture to having a leather or fabric product that stores cash, cards, and a bunch of notes/receipts.

So instead of integrating payment solutions into your phone, why not fuse the two in a more literal way? Distil Union’s Wally Junior is a wallet that literally sticks to the back of your phone. Using a special adhesive that glues the wallet to your phone or phone-case’s backside, the Wally Junior can hold banknotes, credit cards, or even visiting cards, giving you versatility in its compact frame. Plus with the signature pull-tab, the wallet allows you to access your cards/notes with both speed and style. No more bulging one-inch-thick wallets. Store what you can on your phone, and for everything else, there’s the Wally Junior!

Designer: Nate Justiss of Distil Union