Message Me A Smile

This SMS generation has come out with many ways to convey emotions across the waves: LOL 🙂 🙁 😉 ROTFL, U get d drift? Since technology is about convenience, how about a phone that texts your emotional status without much fuss?
The point in favor of the “Icon Phone” is the simplistic gesture-based input. SMS addicts often complain of Text Messaging Syndrome; however the pen-styled input application will probably take care of this complaint!

Want to send a smile? Simply curve the phone upwards; shake the wand once to send out the SMS.
Angry? Send out a frown!
Vanity? Flaunt it like a bracelet!

Besides its innovative SMS feature The Icon functions like any other normal phone. I can picture it being a rage amongst the texting-teens.

Designer: Sang-hoon Lee