Three Point Focus

Try changing a flat tire in the dead of the night, on a road that has no streetlights. Too farfetched? No stuff like this happens; it happens to people like you and me….and then to top it all off you either forget to pack in a flashlight or the battery on it dies out! Designer André Monteiro is glad to help in such sticky, rather dark situations with his Ylight.

What makes the Ylight different from the rest of the gang?

This flashlight takes inspiration from a lantern and boast of a “Y” form factor. It hosts three lights that work independently, giving you the option of controlling their intensity, focus and direction.

Each lamp features a rotational axis of about 45 degrees along the horizontal plane, which allows you to direct the light to different places.

All three torches are autonomous and rely on kinetic energy to power them. To harness the power, you need to press on the indicator at the center of the torch with a finger and give it a couple of spins with your free hand.

Handy-dandy triple flash-light! Now only remember to carry this one with you!

Designer: André Monteiro