OMG, What A Sexy Piece!

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m on the lookout for a new mobile phone. Now before you try convincing me about the Apple Pie, I’ve decided to humor one of my designer pals (perks of being at YD) to come up with something special for me. He’s kitsch-ed up this awesome looking piece which he calls the MID. It’s a mobile internet device specially designed for internet browsing from anywhere. Ah the blogger in me is impressed!

Besides this special quality, he’s also thrown is a couple of cool features. For instance the 47 buttons QWERTY keyboard looks divine and its configuration is quite customizable. The compact size of 180x80x20mm is neat and allows it to host an ultra wide LCD touchscreen. The phone even boasts of OLED technology. The trackball makes navigation even simpler however the 7 completely configurable action buttons (accessible when phone is closed and opened) adds awesome goodness to the package. Two USB slots, microphone and audio input, SD card reader, stereo speakers, docking connector and sexy sliding good looks are the other proposed features.

I know some of you must be thinking it’s easy to conjure up specks on a concept design, but tell me honestly, if something like this were to come alive wouldn’t you pick it up?
I know I would!

Designer: Jan Rytir


  • Paul says:

    Good Job.
    I quite like the wavy profile of the keyboard to subtly give it a little more definition.
    Not liking the feet on the base so much but an geart little effort.

    much of the spec may soon be matched by the next Omnia (Omnia Pro) from Samsung, or maybe that was a concept I saw.

  • Mark says:

    It looks useful, but what I don’t care for is the very shiny plastic material. I have a lenovo keyboard that’s very shiny, as well as a black iPhone; they’re all fingerprints after a day of use.

    Also don’t care for the gay rainbow on this.

  • Taty says:

    Really OMG!!!! I want one…. man… crazy…. the thing I most miss is usb ports…. It’ll be heaven to plug my 16GB kingston, my Sony T-900 and upload pics to the web… or clean my cams memmory to a pendrive trought my phone!!!!
    And, fore sure it need Wi-fi and Bluetooth…. I want one 🙁

  • Roger D. says:

    Looks amazing….

    Cheers! — Roger D.

  • This is a wonderful looking device, especially the cover and the recessed Intel logo is really sexy. The keyboard however, is pretty useless. I’ve used keys like this before and they’re hard to use even with very small fingers. Also, why is there what looks like a mouse on a device with a touch screen?

    Good work though!

    • AlienzExist says:

      Wow, and even the vents are sexy. I even like the fact that the first MID’s are going to be used to look at porn. I would say the mouse feature is good because a lot of times my fingertips are too big to click on things surfing the web on my instinct.

      I love the tabbed buttons, and I know the rainbow spectrum makes sense because you will get to “know” the locations of the colors (like guitar hero),
      but for some reason the fourth picture reminds of an “equality” rainbow sticker on the back of someones car. Full rainbow just says something else. But yes, the best designed… thing in a while.

  • Stuart Flatt says:

    WOW, would trade in my storm now. Love the site even more now. Advertised you on twitter and my blog 🙂

  • toufic says:

    maybe not a spec match, and not quite as clean a design but the Nokia N97 comes close to that…

    besides, Intel has been spec’ing out MIDs for a couple of years now,

    just seems very few develop them.. I partial more to the clam shell devices that inherently protect the screen a bit more, such as the UMID M1 Mbook (say that 10 times fast..)

  • NdR says:

    No doubt, YES!

  • jin woo han says:

    It really can be called “Awesome design~”

  • LEE says:




  • Jeremiah says:

    That my fellow YDers…

    Is Baller Status with a capital $

    Too hot, I would so pick one of these up if it hit the market. I’ve been holding off on a cellphone all my life, but really… I would give in to this in a heartbeat.

    LOL Out of curiosity though, what does anybody think something like this would even go for considering its specifications with the addition of bluetooth 😛 I’m gonna say… 6-700, but I really have no clue 🙂

  • Rick says:

    I think this is the best designed device I have ever seen. If the implementation of it was done right…things like SSD drive, LTE chip for VZW. I would easily spend $1000 or more on this. Now…if you can dual boot this thing with vista and ohhh…lets say…Android…I’d easily drop $1500 on it. Everyone wants to keep smart phones as small as possible, but I want features…if i’m thinking of the size of this correctly, it’s about as big as a normal house phone right? If my phone is as feature packed as this one, with the additions i mentioned, who cares if it’s a little bigger than most?

  • Will says:

    Yes I do want.

  • andrew says:

    Wow I cant wait just hope it comes out in gsm!

  • Rober says:

    Design-wise: Incredible. Yes I want one. Makes me hate my iPhone even more for not having tangible keyboard.

    Size-wise: no. That thing would never fit in my pocket.

    OS wise: oh god no.

  • real designer says:

    comon guys

    this is RUBISH design

  • It’s so painful that this isn’t real…

  • florin says:

    Add a GPS receiver and I’m buying.

  • arkon says:

    but I want …
    just hope it is not like the Mylo

  • Ronald H. says:


  • srikant says:

    i wanna buy dis….ws it released already?? if yes, Wher can i get it dude??


    what is the approximate cost of this intel MID

  • Mashunya88 says:

    Полностью согласна с постом выше!

  • Emily says:

    Please can you bring this phone out to the Uk. i KNOW that millions of us will buy it. please! pleasee!

  • Curiosity killed the says:

    20mm? Kinda fat, don't you think?

  • Curiosity killed the cats says:

    20mm? Kinda fat, don’t you think?

  • ask says:

    I like reading an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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