Stacking Awesomeness

Miso Soup Design are designers of some sort. There is a lot of architectural speculation on their site which we chose to skip over. However of interest is their Za Stool, found in their furniture department. We’re not ones for furniture speculation, but this one looks simple and interesting. It’s a bent plywood stool, visually reminiscent of Sori Yanagi’s famous 1956 Butterfly Stool, with the exception that this one is stackable. Take the two halves apart, and voila! Stackable stool. Simple and brilliant.

Designer: Miso Soup Design


  • StanJoukIsHot says:

    sitting on the floor?

    • Eric says:

      In the description I think it says the chair is comprised of two halves, I’m assuming the photos of the “floor chair” is showing them apart…

  • ilk says:

    Brilliant! And the way they lock seems really stable too.

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