AI-enabled smart home camera captures video in 2K, and can even recognize faces and gestures

With compatibility across all smart home platforms, from Apple’s own HomeKit to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and even IFTTT, the Aqara Camera Hub G3 gives you quite literally all-round protection, while maintaining the avatar of a cute Pixar-inspired robot.

The Aqara Camera Hub G3 is a compact yet powerful home camera, capable of capturing video at 2K. Designed to look like a tiny robot, the camera stands upright on any surface and has the ability to look in any direction thanks to a vertically moving 110°-FoV lens and a 340° rotating body. This eliminates all blind spots, allowing you to remotely surveil every corner of your house. An NPU-powered internal processor also gives the Camera Hub G3 AI capabilities, allowing it to recognize faces and even hand gestures. Facial and gesture recognition can be bound to different commands to create home automation, such as sending you mobile notifications, recording videos, clicking photos, tracking subjects, or entering into privacy mode to stop the camera from recording.

Designer: Aqara Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.99 $109.99 ($20 off). Hurry, sale ends in 24 hours!

While most smart home cameras focus on that one ‘killer feature’, the G3 seems to be a jack of all trades, shining pretty well in every domain. Its all-around compatibility means you can pair it with any existing smart-home ecosystem with seamless integration. A built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub allows the G3 to connect up to 128 other Aqara accessories, from its wide range of smart sensors to wired and wireless switches. The G3’s local facial recognition allows you to track who’s coming and going in your home while keeping all the sensitive data on the device… and the inclusion of gesture recognition is a feature that’s still to be seen from other smart cameras from leading tech giants.

AI-Powered Facial Recognition – By importing your photos, it can trigger personalized automation when you come home.

Smart Gesture Recognition – The smart home control has become simpler and more fun than ever.

2K Resolution – A high-resolution 2304 x1296 pixel sensor that results in crystal-clear image quality full of details. Implemented dynamic bit rate technology, the cruise image is also clear.

On the hardware front, the G3 sports a 2K camera, recording at a higher resolution than most standard 1080p smart-cams or CCTVs. A 110° lens captures a FOV comparable to the human eye, and the G3’s pan/tilt motor can be controlled by a pre-configured cruising path (to ensure your camera scans various areas of interest around the house. It can also be configured to track a human or pet, or automatically get triggered by a door/window sensor, or even be moved manually depending on what you want to surveil. An internal siren will automatically go off if it detects an unwanted stranger, while also recording video locally or to the cloud and alerting you via a notification. An internal IR blaster also allows the G3 to automate infrared-compatible devices, working locally so that the IR automation remains functional even when the Internet is disconnected.

360º Viewing Angle – The G3’s Pan/Tilt motor can be controlled by the pre-configured cruising path, a pet or person being tracked, via automation.

Smart Home Control Center – Can connect up to 128 Aqara sensors and controllers* and enjoy home automation, remote control, and third-party ecosystem support.

As far as data protection and privacy go, the G3 is designed with a hardware detail that rotates the camera module inwards, preventing it from recording you when you don’t want to be recorded (when the camera flips inward, the G3 displays a set of sleeping eyes to indicate that it’s not recording you). All data streams from the camera are WPA3 encrypted, with security certifications from Apple, Google, and Amazon. With a price tag of $109.99, the Aqara Camera Home Hub undercuts its competition while also eliminating the need for subscription fees or cloud storage. The G3 stores data locally via a MicroSD card, and Aqara provides subscription-free cloud storage for short video footage. For iOS users, the G3 will store 10 days’ worth of footage on your iCloud for free if you’ve got an iCloud subscription plan of 50GB or more. The Camera Hub G3 and many more of Aqara’s other products are running a Prime Day discount for a limited time. Grab them at their discounted prices using the link below.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89.99 $109.99 ($20 off). Hurry, sale ends in 24 hours!