There Is No Shame In Asking For Directions

My family travels a lot by car and I think I have seen more than half of my country on my numerous road trips. Mostly all the journeys go on without any hitch, except when we have to stop and ask for directions. Look, I’m willing to be reasonable about a man and his ego regards to asking for directions in your HOME CITY, but in a strange town! Come on man, pull over at the curb and ask someone for DIRECTIONS, you’ll get to the destination faster! Noooo? Then the GPS PathQuest it is!

A double-screen display unit with E-Ink for conserving battery power! Pocket-sized and discreet, the PathQuest relies on Google Maps for navigation.

Come on women on YD; tell me I’m right about this male ego and directions thingie…
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Designer: Kyle Fleischhacker