Truth be told if I saw this thing barreling thru a forest, I’d probably wet my pants but wait! The Harvester is Forests’ best friend. The Designers wanted to create a machine that could sustainably deal with the forest and its natural resources without damaging our very limited supply. It optimizes the entire process and analyzes the work flow so future improvements can be made to guarantee the proper usage and protection of our forest grounds. I adore the little wheel plates that spread its surface area while lifting a heavy tree.

Designers: Niko Kugler & Georg Heitzmann


  • shuston says:

    Just what we need another machine to destroy our forests. Designers … please be more responsible with our earth!

  • VoReason says:

    What is new about this? I mean really. They have one of these with 6 legs that walks around in Europe. And that one at least can boast its environmentally friendly because footprints make less ground compacted then tire treads.

    The arm, designed by someone else, the cab designed by someone else, the boom, designed by someone else, the only thing this guy did was put some long legs on the chassis.

    • niko says:

      the whole chasis and any machanic function is designed and constructed by Georg Heitzman, also every single part like profiles of the wheels and so on is made by us…………..
      and this 6 legs on u are talking about is a protype which has never been produced. U’re right, it’s super ground protecting, but in term of production and effective working flow it is not usable, to slow and to expensive .

  • niko says:

    this project is qiet hardly to explain for me, especially in english. but beside the groundprotection we also thought much about designing the working process between the harvester, forwarder, tractor with cable whinch and the woodworkers. Some working steps are connected together now. just one of these features is an cable whinch in the processor of the harvester.
    And yes, there are eco-reasons for using harvesters as well. After big storms, destroyed wood must be taken away immediatly, because otherwise bugs from the dead trees would take over to the healthy trees, that’s just possible with a fast machine like a harvester.
    more information to this project:

  • MossWatson says:

    um…the forest’s best friend? That’s a bit insulting. You do realize what this machine is designed to do right?

  • ForrestDweller says:

    Oh please…
    Timberjack has been in production and use for ages.
    This has nothing new except maybe tires.

  • Cromagnum says:

    Treads are better, it spreads the weight better than wheels, and is less likely to get stuck

    I need to buy one for the EarthDay celebration. Can the saw head work a crowd too?

    As for using this after a storm, not likely. Sawmills genrally refuse residential logs, too many nails and metal embedded in. Dangerous and very costly on the teeth. Most residential fallen trees become firewood and mulch. This machine is for production, not feel good One lone tree-ism

    fwiw, this machine already exists, though maybe not in that color. The arm needs to be longer for any practical usage.

  • maDman says:

    It makes me laughing when i have to read all of this comments. People in here talk about green, environment friendly, eco, bla bla bla.. Hey guys wake up!! Same as “oh,.. we love to have the T-Bone on the plate” But where is it comes from? Na.. get it?
    Pseudo-eco small talk of pseudo-eco designers or visitors with pseudo-eco attitudes but if it comes hard “let´s close our eyes together and singing an earth-song.” Makes me sick guys! Some of you not see the wood for the trees. Hiding behind of your arguments – can i ask who is really green on this page or in there daily life? Useless hybrid car technology, we need more palm trees in indonesia bought by corruption and force,

    This guys not did it at all but the things they did, they tried in the best way with the best ambitious and will. Seriously, they worry about the environment. People from the us-eco friendly country, pls stop yelling and keep worry about your own country -here there is a culture for reafforest- there ..hum.. let me think.. oh.. right.. but i not want to become political. Just keep clean infront of your own house before you point your finger at someone.

    At first here we have to talk about processing design, needs, usability, ppl, environment. I can see through -can you do? Like he said, its for farmer who have their own forrest or for governmental forrest parts and not for an investment trust. The aim is to take away trees that are damaged by storm to protect the other trees and not to make money. Read at first!

    over ´n out

  • maDman says:

    nope, you aren´t

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