Maps, Charts, More Maps, and a Rolling Stone

Info graphics and charts and maps and maps and maps! So many info graphics, I can barely contain myself. This project is a book called “Never Stop A Rolling Stone” and it’s big motivation to get up in dem’ hills and backpack the crap outta them. It’s the result of six months of world travel and a crapload of creativity on the part of Deutschlander and designer Rahel Ritchie. From front cover to back, an adventure at your fingertips.

As I just mentioned, though it’s worth another mention: this project is the culmination of six months of traveling around the world doing research – all for just this project specifically. Backpacking around the world to bring to you a mix of “anthropological based writing, stories, interviews and info graphics covering world issues.”

Here’s a bit of text from the designer, Rahel Ritchie

»Never Stop A Rolling Stone« is an interactive mapping experience. The book is based on an invisible world map; with the transparent cover the reader can track down places marked on the pages with a compass rose. The reader is invited to find the missing photos on a seperate picture-map and fill the placeholders of the book. Experiments with geometrical shapes visualise my thoughts and the quotes of the Swiss Travelwriter Nicolas Bouvier. The removable posters at the back of the book hold the information graphics and give the book a learning curve.

Want. I want it. I want it now.

So what you, the reader, the investor, the people who know the top people at book publishing places need to do – is get going on getting this book published.

Rahel Ritchie is waiting on you to make this lovely project happen!

Designer: Rahel Ritchie