The Salvation of Suitcases


It’s 2016 already, can we have upgraded suitcases now? The only innovation I’ve seen in baggage design in the past decade is the fact that we’ve got more colors… and that doesn’t cut it for me. Nor does it work for the guys at Trunkster who gave the travel bag a brand new avatar. For starters, let’s take some time to fully appreciate the shutter style lid. It’s classy, it’s compact, it’s waterproof, and it’s a shame no one thought of this before. It’s like the cheese-stuffed crust pizza of the baggage world. We should have been doing it all along! Plus, good riddance, zippers… you won’t be missed.

The innovative design of the suitcase is well showcased in the handle too. Unlike the slim ones that end up eating crucial luggage space inside the suitcase, the Trunkster’s handles extend from end to end, so that you don’t have that awkward beam running right across the bottom of your bag. The guys at Trunkster made a better suitcase for sure, but they also made it smarter. Within the handle area is an integrated weighing scale. The display on the handle tells you how much your bag weighs so you can outsmart those pesky airline crew members. Along with the weighing machine is also an integrated power bank, allowing you to charge your gadgets inside as well as outside the suitcase. And just when you thought I was done preaching the gospel of Trunkster, the bag has an inbuilt GPS module, which means you’ll always know where your luggage is.

Now unless the Trunkster packs and unpacks for me, you can safely say I’m thoroughly impressed! This truly IS the 2016 way to travel!

Designers: Walter Castro, Doug Golenz & Phil Rowe

Buy It Here: $349.00 $435.00