Ever seen a portable desktop!?


I’d classify the Lavolta iMac Carrying Bag as an absurdly useful product. It brings (in some capacity) the one element the iMac lacks in comparison to the MacBook. Portability.

The iMac, no matter how sleek, is still a very cumbersome product. It fits well in an office, but to a nomadic freelancer, it’s a best friend and worst enemy. The iMac can produce some stellar work, but you still need to carry your laptop to meetings to show work to clients. The Lavolta iMac Bag changes that. Just slip the bag over the iMac, making sure the stand fits right through the hole on the bag’s side, and you have a completely portable work-machine that can be carried by simply slinging around your shoulder!

The stylish bag gives your powerful workstation the advantage of portability, even allowing you to carry your keyboard and trackpad/mouse in it via the pockets on the side. The bag’s exterior is a nice blend of vogue and professional, while the inside has a microfiber lining to make sure your machine stays safe and scratch-proof throughout your commute.

Perfect for the traveling professional, or any iMac user who wants the power of the iMac but the freedom of a MacBook, the Lavolta is weird to look at no doubt, but its convenience overpowers everything else! Besides, it can even be used as a cover case for the iMac, preventing it from gathering dust when not in use.

Designer: Lavolta