Would You Use a Bone Folder as a Knife?

Do you know what a Bone Folder is? It’s a plastic utensil used for scoring paper, putting folds in it. Originally the Bone Folder was made of real animal bone. Some people still use animal bones for this very purpose. It works. It’s nature. Check it out. Here’s a team of people who’ve done the same thing for eating sticks. You know, knife, spoon, fork. All those things you use for eating the meat off the bones of the recently deceased.

This set is called the “Silverair.” Most of the specifics of this project are below, so I’ll give you the gist of it: materials are silver vs. silver alloy, material process is casting or metal foam. Natural tarnishing supported by the designers as a design element. Silverwaregasm?

Or, hear me out, maybe we should just use our hands?


Designer: Pod Design and Media


  • Carl says:

    nice, but not for me.

  • estelle says:

    these are brilliant!!!! i have to have them!!! can these be purchased somewhere?

  • Dr. D says:

    legendary work. i hear they criticized the byzantine messenger to Greece that first introduced the fork as well!
    don’t see too many of those critics around these days.
    sure, there are days i’ll eat with my hands, but when I use my silverware… let it be trabeculated silver alloy that protects my hands, gives me an ergonomic advantage, and looks amazing! brilliant! where can I buy these?

  • gfos says:

    Interesting design… peaks my curiosity! I imagine their true beauty is best realized when holding the utensils in hand. I will keep my eye out for these.

  • Adek says:

    Really interesting gradation from handle to blade… cool how they are intended to age well!

  • pete says:

    What a load of crap. It’s stupid!

  • Admo says:

    Very cool design. I have a friend’s wedding coming up and wondering if the product is currently being sold? Would be a perfect wedding gift – something that gets better with time. If it’s not sold already, the design seems a good fit for The Conran Shop…

  • the reaper says:

    silverwaregasm? but still pretty cool design!!

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