Chummy Fire Pit Hot Pot Experience

Look at that lady! She’s having a totally amazing experience! She’s using the “Firo;” cooking in an open, blazing fire. It’s a tube. It’s a tube with a drawer in it. The drawer holds several ceramic pots. Each of these pots is hung in a way that makes sure they are always upright. Stick that whole thing in the fire, and once it’s hot just open the drawer and take the pots out. Each of the pots has it’s own insulated container to keep it warm. Presto! A nice hot meal n stuff!

Oh and don’t forget the all-important handle of the pot which both acts as a handle to transport the pot from the drawer and detatches to become a fork and a spoon! So very nice of them yes? Hot, hot, hot?! Too hot! Wait, designed in Deutschland? Just hot enough.

The designer of the “Firo,” Andrea Nimtschke, is looking for a producer to light this bad boy up. Invest in fire!

Designer: Andrea Nimtschke