How Cool is this Concrete?


Long gone are the days of bulky buckets filled with ice to keep your wine or champagne chilled. By combining both functionality and modern art, we now have the sophisticated, Corvi Wine and Champagne Coolers. Designed by Francisco Corvi, for IntoConcrete, the Corvi Coolers are crafted from, yes you guessed it, concrete by using an advanced casting method, which creates the ultra-lightweight concrete cooler.

When you think concrete, you think heavy and bulky, but the Corvi Coolers are anything but that. They are lightweight while having kept the benefits of the concretes ability to hold cold for a great length of time due to its mass. Just place the Corvi Cooler in the freezer and when ready to be used, you will have hours of chilled wine or champagne to enjoy.

With its beautiful sleek, slender and almost jewel-like design the Corvi Coolers, which come in a variety of colors, can be stacked and arranged in a variety of ways, allowing you to create your own masterpiece wine rack.

Designer: Francisco Corvi [ Buy It Here ]