Nature inspired product designs that add a twist to ordinary objects

Biomimicry, this is the term that came across my screen when looking for nature-inspired designs. And along with that came the lesson that nature’s forms, behavior, and structures have been inspiring us for ages! While biomimicry finds it’s applications across multiple walks of our lives, the collection curated here today is much simpler. To explain it better, these designs use animals, plants, and nature-inspired forms, envisioning them into everyday products that are a staple in most of our homes. An eclectic mix of objects, these designs are sure to make you smile by the clever use of space and form!

New Zealand designer and sculptor Ben Young’s forte is hand sculpting clear sheets of float glass and different solid materials like concrete and steel inspired by oceans and seas 

Dragon LEGO Table by Ogilvy⁠ 

Take a look at what Rides of the Wild by Frédéric Müller imagined on your behalf, putting together a series of eight images depicting Custom-Designed-Classic-Cars and their wild drivers. L10N and P4ND4!

Never lack conversation starters with these shark wine glasses by BTS Design 

Saguaro, cactus-inspired coffee glasses by Doiy Design 

Quirky little Sheep Toilet Paper Holder by Art&Artifact 

Cute sloth-inspired Incense Holder 

Banana Lamp by Seletti 

A wooden bird pencil holder called Tropical Bird by Industrial design studio BKID 

Giant Birdsnest for breeding new ideas by OGE Group