Grandfather Gets a Facelift

Pendulum clocks have seldom been redesigned and it’s probably because of our fixation with grandfather clocks. Nuno Teixeira brings out creative value to the proposition with his version of the Pendulum Wall Clock. It features led lights on the pendulum and on the clock hands, which adds an extra dimension to this clock

As he explains, “Pendulum works as an ordinary pendulum wall clock, with a perpetual movement provided by the magnetic mechanism. Since no double weight-driven movement is needed, the clock is lighter and easy to install.”

Designer: Nuno Teixeira

[youtube: 600 451]


  • joel says:

    Gee I saw the same design some 40 years ago minus the led light , I believe it was a German designer . Ther has been countless redesign of the grand father clock ….

  • itsteatime says:

    While it’s an attractive concept, I have to wonder how it would work in practice. With no weights, it needs a substantial power source, both to light it continuously and to support the huge swing of the pendulum. With very little space for batteries, you’d either be changing them constantly or it has to plug into the wall. Trailing wires or hard-wiring in the wall does not make it ‘easy to install’.

  • Nathan says:

    “… a perpetual movement provided by the magnetic mechanism” is not a viable explanation.

  • kevin says:

    The pendulum mechanism was invented to solve a problem – how to regulate the progression of the clock mechanism as the coil-spring unwinds and it’s forces becomes weaker. What function does the pendulum actually serve in this (presumably electrical) clock that a quartz crystal hasn’t performed for many years now? Is this a pendulum for the sake of it? An aesthetic whim? I hope not!

  • Vinodh says:

    I would like to buy one of the above clocks. Where can I buy, how much does it cost and how can I make the payment???

  • hkm says:

    I would like to get one too. Can’t find where to buy. Would someone please advise?

  • robert says:

    me too i would like to get one. Where can we order and how much?

  • Tawnya says:

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  • Fisayo says:

    I love the Nuno Teixeira pendulum wall clock. I have searched the web trying to find where i can get one… but really cant find any store online. Could you pls get back to me on how to purchase this product. I am really obsessed with the design. Will appreciate your quick response.

  • Jayesh Ashok Mahajan says:

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  • Söner says:

    Wo gibts diese Pendeluhr zu kaufen???

  • adam ward says:

    I would like to get one . Can’t find where to buy. Would someone please advise?

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  • diane says:

    Where can I purchase this clock? You sure haven’t made it easy for anyone. I have searched all over the web to no avail.

  • Esteban gold says:

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