I am totally floored by Ilya Fridman’s design for a Dog Hammock. First of all as a dog-lover, I simply adore the idea of getting a pet pooch his own hammock, and to top it off the dog-bed helps in subtly collecting stray dog fur by harnessing the attraction power of static electricity. What a blessing! Ilya also win’s my vote for using recycled materials in the construction of Jamboree.

For the hammock, he has used rubber as a raw material, collected from old flips/flops (or thongs) to create interwoven brickwork bed. The rubber creates a static charge whilst the dog is lying on it and attracts all the stray fur onto it. The frame is designed to be laser-cut and folded out of various materials including steel, aluminum, acrylic or paper and can be fashioned in varying sizes according to the size of the dog. The connecting cable used in this prototype is one from an old clothes line, which is a steel cable with a plastic outer coating.

We all know that cleaning the fur shed by pets is such a chore; full marks for your thought process Ilya!

Designer: Ilya Fridman