This Party Is Headed Outdoors

I’m done with the Tupperware era where every party and host-gift excited me no end. I’ve come to the point where I think I own almost everything in the catalog. The only way I think the company can infuse a breath of fresh air (pun totally intended!) into their lineup is, if they consider this Compost Concept. Quite contrary to the food-storage options that company is so famous for, the collection pail and outdoor compost bin offers an easy option for those who believe in recycling garbage.

The main compost unit is designed with an outer roto-molded shell that is used to keep the decomposing pile insulated and shielded from the elements and varying weather conditions. Besides the main unit there is a smaller pail that you keep indoors to collect all the waste and deposit it to the main bin at convenience.

To make sure you get the procedure coorect, Ken explains that you need to mix in greens : browns in the ratio 1:5 to get the right levels of nitrogen and acids. Water the pile until its gets moist enough and occasionally mix it to speed the process of decomposition. Educative as this sounds, I wonder how many of us actually consider recycling our kitchen waste and how many of us will get motivated to do so, if Tupperware approves of this concept?

Designer: Ken Jasinski