Bugatti x adidas X Crazyfast is the sweetest blue football boot for those who appreciate speed and precision

In a thrilling new collab, luxury meets athleticism; The result? A mesmerizing, limited edition football boot that transcends the ordinary in a flashing harmony of Bugatti and adidas.

Meet the adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti: Crafted as an ode to speed and precision, this remarkable cleat is a fusion of adidas’ X Crazyfast laced boot and the vivid heritage of early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. But these boots aren’t just about pace; they encapsulate the ethos of “Form Follows Performance,” mirroring the very design philosophy that underpins the creation of Bugatti’s hypersports cars.

Designer: adidas x Bugatti

Limited to merely 99 pairs, each X Crazyfast exudes opulence with bespoke Bugatti design elements, making them an emblem of exclusivity. Notably, on the sides are mantras that capture the core values of both companies: adidas‘ “Impossible is Nothing” and Bugatti’s “Create the Incomparable,” symbolizing its relentless pursuit of pushing the limits in sports and automotive engineering.

The infusion of carbon fiber in the boot’s construction makes it lightweight and sturdy. The choice of material plays along with Bugatti’s use of material in exclusive engineering. But the soul of these football boots lies in adidas’ revolutionary Speedframe sole plate, technology that ensures both feather-like weight and formidable strength, enabling lightning-fast acceleration, from where the name is drafted.

The Aeropacity Speedskin, a single-layer breathable mono mesh not only helps with swiftness but also provides stability. It is designed in Bugatti’s iconic hue; the recognizable Bugatti Blue, which aligns it with the brand’s aesthetic. Add to this the boot’s Aerocage lining for support and stability, and these shoes wear snugly akin to the high-performance standards upheld by Bugatti, and requisite of the high-delivery performer on the pitch.

Much like the hyper sports cars, these boots are destined to become cherished collectibles. To add to their exclusivity, the X Crazyfast will be shipped in a unique box designed from carbon fiber, and sold through a very distinctive approach. The 99 pairs will be auctioned via the adidas Collect Web 3 platform from the 8 through 11 of November.