Renewed Life for Lenses

As an avid photographer, it is quite possible that you have some of your old-in-working-condition camera lenses from the analog era. If this is so, then the Edna can give a new lease of life to the lenses from the good old celluloid days.

As the designers explain, “It brings autofocus capability to these lenses through a shifting image sensor. With its horizontal mirrored design it is equally easy to handle for left- and right-handers. A distinction between the Nikon & Canon camera lenses and the HCI makes the platform accessible to the user.”

Designers: Vuk Jakovljevic, Marko Doblanovic, Szilveszter Buzasi & Bernhard Ranner


  • Jarosław Ciupiński says:

    Ugh… Good things – can be used by lefthanders (my wife), looks kinda fun. Bad things – just one single dial (I can’t imagine turning other one with my pinky)? In most of the cases you can reuse old lenses with new SLRs without any problem (well, already mentioned autofocus might be an issue, as currently created lenses allow camera to set focus via special mechanism.

  • pixelmixture says:

    i would pay a lot of money for such a product

  • Very attractive!

  • marcutio says:

    you’re not supposed to use the other dial with your pinky. what they mean about the usage for both hands is that you can flip it around and thus the shutter button with corresponding dial is on both sides.

  • design+ says:

    i think you are moving in right direction.

    it has a different “feel” that is unique.

    I would love to see this get developed further.

  • Adam says:

    So you made a worse, but lighter camera? in white?

  • Dave says:

    I have seen too many “why, its just like this…” comments like yours. Deja Vu to you!

    You can say the exact same thing about literally any new design, “My new car has four wheels and an engine. Why, those plagiarizing copy cats!”

    Seriously, try this experiment. Place 5 or 10 smart phones in a row…. Hey! They all look the same from 10 feet away : black shiny slabs.

  • KEK says:

    I’m talking about Concept and Design “not Styling detail”.

  • Júlio Gallinaro Maranho says:

    My opinion on this is that it came up with designs that do not know anything about photography as it does not adjust the focus by simply putting the sensor farther away or closer to the lens, a set of lenses moving when we adjust the focus and not all of them go back and forth.
    But the design is cool.

  • thanks for the comments!

    -> Júlio Gallinaro Maranh:
    we “stole” that mechanism from a film slr that did set the focus with the described mechanism. it was a minolta from the early 90ies if i remember correctly (the project was done several years ago… yanko just dug it out 🙂

  • Bart Nelis says:

    –> Bernhard Ranner: can you provide a link to that minolta mechanism ?
    Because i have more or less the same skepticism as Julio. IMO the focusing by moving the sensor back and forth might fix to a certain extent the auto-focusing problem, but it also changes the focal length of the lens. So depending on whether the subject is near or far away, this setup means that the lens (and hence, composition) changes (eg from ‘normal’ to ‘telephoto’) IMO, this renders the camera unusable as you no longer have control over the composition.

  • hi bart,
    thanks for the interest!
    sorry – i didn´t remember it right actually it´s a contax (ax) not a minolta…

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  • Steve hanna says:

    The coolest concept I have seen for years. Minimalist, sustainable and simple – ditch the left and right combo – just do two models – I would buy this without autofocus!!! And without a video mode – would bring new life to real photography – stills only no video mode required – what would cost be

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