Mini Kitchen That LT Would Love!

LT and I have many things in common, we both are here at YD; we share the same star sign; both are vegetarians and share the same passion for cooking. I wonder what his views (and of course you YDers) will be on this Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen. Personally, I really like the concept but I have a large family and this one’s a small, one-unit thing that caters to individuals or couples at the most. The compact kitchen is a marriage of both cooling and heating elements coz it features a pull-out silicon cooking mat and chill boxes.

It comes with a combo of a touchscreen Internet ready tablet that features a webcam for IM. Chat, Cook, Browse Recipes and Eat with virtual friends!

Speaking of the fridge section, the chill boxes includes a drink cooler, a raw food store and a semi-cooked store section. Super!

As for the cooking mat, it’s an electric heated silicon mat that can be rolled up and stored under the box. Each area on the mat serves a specific cooking function like boiling, frying, heating and has corresponding tab on the side.

The icing on the cake is the Black Box, a simple functional utensil kit that one can use for cooking and serving the meal. I like this…do you?

Designer: Kai Yu


  • MadCow says:

    wait… is this like that star trek thing where you push a button and your food comes out? damn… that is sweet…

    seriously tho… how does this exactly cook? the logistics of it just doesn’t add up? or is this just a mini microwave/fridge/food storage? if thats the case, why don’t i just use the microwave, fridge, pantry that comes standard in any house.

    and the msn thing, doesn’t everybody do that already?

  • Jade Doel says:

    YES! Now we’re cooking with gas. I like

  • DAn says:

    I like it!!! saving time can put it in my room!!! but need to make sure the cooking thingy won’t burn the woddwn table………

  • Zarke says:

    Fantastic way to save your kitchen space…

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