Cuppa Chai On The Go

Typical Indian housewives are an addicted lot; they are addicted to their daily cup of chai (tea)! As the clock strikes four in the afternoon, every household gears up for that addictive brew and woe beholds that woman who misses her tea! I have actually seen my numerous aunts and mom go through stages of depression, headaches and withdrawal symptoms coz they missed tea thanks to an afternoon spree in the bazaar. Tea in the Sahara for Two sang Sting, I demand Tea4Two in the middle of Chandni Chowk!

If you are addicted to the brew then you may as well carry this portable electric kettle designed for on-the-go tea drinker! Magnetic snap-up cups with handles, allow you to brew, serve, and consume the beverage using traditional style teacups. Great news is that it features a retractable electric cord, so messy long wires are not a problem in this design.

How to make your tea?
Hook the kettle to a plug point and switch on the power button. The color changing temperature gauge indicates when the brew is ready. Since the kettle is made from flush form and insulated ceramic polymer, it even doubles up as a thermos. No plug points? No worries, addicted chai aunts can make tea and carry it from home!

Designer: Ben Peterson