Auto Zen Garden for a False Nirvana

Man, everyone knows you’ve got to rake the sand yourself. What? Unless you’re from the Roomba generation of Buddhist monks. Then you’ve got to get yourself affiliated with the Studio FRST crew. They’ll whip you up a set of “Jardin Impatient” or what I’d call Auto Sand Gardeners. You’ll never have to pull sand to be at peace again! What a relief! Time for a nice sit.

The only statistical information we’ve got on these contraptions is the images below, and the poem at the very bottom. All very pretty to behold. I bet Studio FRST consulted with the R2-D2 scientists to figure this one out, after all the sandcrawling he had to do in his day. Fun patterns, too, huh?

Plus, most importantly, this reminds me of a classic cartoon clip. I’m certain that if they really are silent, one man above all will be satisfied. Freakazoid.

Designer: Studio FRST