Scorpion and Sting-Ray Rescue Team

Horray! Friends amongst killer animals! Animal inspirations. Actually there’s no scorpion involved. Awww. What is involved, is solar power, first off. Solar power charges up the batteries in this lifeguard stand. As the batteries charge, the lifeguard sees danger! He slides down the slide, picks up a battery, inserts it in the stingray skiff, boats on over to the victim, inflates the safety vest, and autopilots back to base.

This project is called “TESEO+ARIANNA” named after the Greek myth of Theseus and Ariadne. The stingray being the one called Teseo, while the guard stand is called Teseo. Teseo and Arianna are solar powered. Arianna charges batteries with a giant solar panel that sits on its head. Teseo uses these batteries to power its propulsion system, and also to accept commands from the autopilot feature via the stand, Arianna.

Together they are mythical water safety lovers forever!

The only thing that concerns me is the step where the lifeguard has to drag the skiff out into the water. I hope it’s not too heavy!

Designer: Davide Anzalone


  • Radhika Seth says:

    A very interesting concept. Can be really helpful during the summer rush at beaches.

  • MadCow says:

    its a little hard to believe that whole thing folds into that little case. As well as the way you get into that thing looks time consuming, isn’t as fast as just grabbing a floaty and jumping into the water.

    and those telescoping legs on the life guards post… now when would you want those legs to be shorter or longer… it almost seems like that whole post portable.

    cool project, but its not task orientated, more like concept orientated. concept needs refinement.

  • Geoff says:

    You have to be joking. Taking batteries out of a charger while someone is drowning?? Battery operated water vehicles have the batteries enclosed in very water-tight housings. Not a quick install job.
    That skiff doesn’t look like it would handle surf either.
    A concept inspired by Thunderbirds, and perhaps best left at the pub.

  • Davide says:

    hi geoff, you’d better have to know the seabob delfjet before saying that water vehicles cannot have a quick install battery enclosure

  • Davide says:


    thanks for your comment, yes it’s still a concept and of course it should need a refinement.

    still, there are some products that have the same package of this project and they are sold in shops not today but yesterday.

    the legs of the solar tower are not telescopic, they are just fixed steel tubes coz i wanted the whole structure to be easily assembled.

  • Chung Dha says:

    I think the lifeguard would have broken his legs getting down first. And pretty lazy job if they don’t even have to swim at all.

  • Great work Dave 🙂 I hope to see some new stuff soon here!
    @ Chung Dha
    How can you think of how some product could make the work too much easier as a defect when is for saving lifes? We’re talking about safety and products who can improve lifeguards job.
    Also the ramp looks 1 meter tall. Lifeguards usually jump from heights taller than that. And he jumps, he doesn’t slides down.
    Beaches are not all like californian we’re they have so much space to have a small building with a comfy ramp such as baywatch.

  • voj says:

    That’s cool.

  • angelthedevilz says:

    it would be great if the slider are in 45′ coz someone could have break a leg… 🙂 anyway…GREAT JOB… 🙂

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