Simply Connected, Peek Review

It’s an email device. That’s it. That’s all it does and like the tagline “simply connected,” it don’t get much simpler than this. Meet Peek. I’ve spent the past month using it as my exclusive go-to email device. Tho I have an iPhone, did the Peek meet my standards? Hit the jump to read my review

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, it’s thin – very thin. The build is surprisingly sturdy and the rubberized face lends a sense of robustness in hand. The 2.5″ screen isn’t the brightest or color dense but it gets the job done. The UI is pretty straight forward all controlled by the jog dial and back button on the side. If you’re familiar with Blackberries, you’ll feel right at home. The keys are raised and rubberized too. They’re clicky which is good but require a bit too much pressure to depress for my liking. The battery is removable but all you need is the supplied mini-USB a/c adapter to charge it.

You can only set up one email account, in my case I used GMAIL which sync’d beautifully. It can read attachments but beware, you’ll have to tag specific messages to save, otherwise old messages get deleted to make room for new ones. Receiving email was instantaneous and this is where this thing SHINES…

Wireless service comes with the Peek. You read right. No contracts, no limits, or caps. Just $19/month and your ready to go. Awesome right?

What we liked:

  • Slim, consumer friendly looking device
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in themes
  • Affordable monthly service
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Only $49.95

What could be improved:

  • Interface is slow at times
  • Scrolling with the jog wheel isn’t accurate
  • Battery life is short, lasts about a day and a half
  • No email sorting, no junk filtering
  • Screen color should be more dense for photo attachments
  • 8MB memory too small

The Peek isn’t for everyone, especially if you already have a smartphone, but I don’t think pros are the Peek’s target market. This is for that friend or family member who wants their email on the go without all the complexities of a smartphone, contracts, and UI quirks. At $49, it’s a steal. Simply Connected, simply Peek. It’s email done right in one beautiful package.

Company: Peek [ Buy It Here ]


  • Carl says:

    this i love, catch a glimpse here when u get the chance.

  • Rono says:

    8MB memory is ridiculous. The design looks sorta Fisherprice-ish. It really does look like a toy.
    The buttons should be clear and not matching the color of the phone. If not clear, maybe white.

    Screen looks fantastic though and I love the keyboard.

    It’s probably something you feature-freaks would want. It’s like an iPod Shuffle. It’s only useful for one thing and in this case, it’s e-mail.

  • martin says:

    i love it, i love dedicated electronics, specially if easy connect to others and pcs, they are easy to use, to mantain, and so fast. i do have a palm tunsteng tx pda, i can not live without, and do not use 90% of its capabilities even tought i have got the skills

    hope, there is more like this one for other dedicated uses, it will hel to bring technologies to people without huge skills

  • Matt says:

    Wow, just add a better battery and a gigabyte or two more of space and this could soon become the next big thing.

  • Simple, clean and does its job quite well..I like it. Give me tools for the job, not one tool that does 500 jobs poorly (yes i am old school).

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