Autobiography Of An LED Lamp

Hi, my name is LED Lamp and my creator is not GOD. He’s an award-winning industrial designer called Mikko Kärkkäinen and he designs stuff for his own company called Tunto. I’m a here because the guys at YD think I look flattering and their readers will appreciate me. They think my pa Mikko should send them some free samples of me, because they want to experience my “gentle touch and no visible switches” design. I doubt my pa will ever send me over there, unless they do a giveaway or something!

Designer: Mikko Kärkkäinen for Tunto [ Buy It Here ]


  • Lamah says:

    Looks good, actually exists, and they included the power cord in the pictures. It ticks all the boxes! 🙂

  • dave says:

    Wood? Seems a bit forced. If the attempt is to be “green,” then a material like aluminum will last longer, look more elegant, and is 100% recyclable if you care about those things. Think about it : a wooden lamp?

    • Luke says:

      Some people like how wood looks. This is a luxury device, not a green device. (Not that the two can’t overlap.)

    • cerberus says:

      Wood is a renewable resource … and having extra trees in plantations ( planted soley to provide raw materials – like 99 % of wooden based products use) are great carbon sinks.

      We grow trees to use them just like we grow cows for hamburgers! (lol)

  • Its nice, and yes its real, and your getting 450 euros’s for it..WELL DONE!

  • Carl says:

    no adjustment other than sliding it across your desk, rubbish..

  • Rono says:

    Beautifully done.

  • Hoog says:

    Ok, this is just ridiculous:

    -it’s a cheap ass render
    -LED is gonna be the world’s downfall (“they are so ‘green’, let’s chuck ’em in high quantity in every product we can think of)
    -you can not even aim the light, which sucks for 450 euries
    -What the h*** do you want to illuminate with this, besides about 5 pieces of your tin soldiers collection

    and yes, I hope for Mikko Kärkkäinen (I copy pasted it, because it is too hard to spell) that this works out for him; it is a fun design; not world changing, but whatever the fool pays for it right?

  • Dan says:

    here’s one that’s not a render:

    granted it’s not for sale as far as I know

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