Someone Let the Snake Speaker Out of the Bag

What has one head, a shiny face, and hot beatz? YES! The correct answer is Timbaland. Timbaland, who can be played quite easily on these “Serpent Speakers” by designer Ben Wahrich. They bend and turn and sit and play dead. They stay bent, and can bend like crazy style all over your desk or table. My favorite option is turning them into what basically amounts to Hurcules Hooks – holding itself up with it’s own spine!

These also remind me of the artist KAWS toy called the “Bendy.” For a picture see [Minipop] (halfway down) or search [Kaws Bendy] on Flickr. -in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the inspiration.

I’ve got a pair of wireless speakers sort of like this – I imagine the ability to hang them from the ceiling without the use of rope or rubber-bands would be super neat.

Designer: Ben Wahrlich