This bookend is also a Bluetooth speaker that can read out audiobooks

Design, meet vertical integration…

Created as a part of the Render Weekly Instagram Competition, this little number from Jonas Daehnert is part bookend and part Bluetooth speaker. It sits on your bookshelf, holding your books in place but also gives you the ability to listen to music, podcasts, and even audiobooks! Pretty neat, huh?

Designer: Jonas Daehnert

Daehnert cites Teenage Engineering as one of his points of inspiration. Taking cues from the computer-1 foldable CPU chassis, Daehnert created a similar foldable-style bookend that can be flat-packed while shipping and bent into shape by the user. The Bluetooth speaker plugs right into the metal armature, and a nifty flick-switch on the front lets you power the speaker on or off.

Assembling the Bookend Speaker is ridiculously easy and only really needs a screwdriver. First, bend the metal sheet into its bookend shape, and then screw the speaker in place using the screws and washers provided. Once you’re done, find a nice bookshelf that’s also conveniently located near a plug point and you’re ready to go! The only thing it really now needs is a dock for your Kindle and the Bookend Speaker officially tackles all three book-related experiences – paper books, audiobooks, and ebooks.