Ultimate iPod Dock

The E-Pod dock crams everything you need to get the most out of your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod by acting as a speaker, movie projector, and alarm clock. It promises powerful hi-fidelity even those it’s not much bigger than a standard alarm clock. The most interesting feature is the projector. No info on how large, how bright, or how sharp the resolution but the entire thing does tilt. I see a few glaring problems with it tho. Do you?

Designer: Eun Seok Huh


  • Steve says:

    Yeah… It is ugly. This looks like the designer was into HIS (or HER) point of view and was attached to it. The same functionality could be formed into something that harmonized much more with the existing iPhone design.

  • Noah says:

    There’s just been too many of these. Make something newer and more fun!

  • gloveofpower says:

    Yeah, this is what YOU WISH apple was like. Inventing genius products like this that actually address what people want, instead of them TELLING you what you want. Naw man, every apple product is the smallest incremental increase in features on their existing product line, and typically features that should have been there long ago and were glaringly obvious from the start. Hooray, long live copy and paste for the iPhone! Still no video. How long, apple, how long do we have to languish? Until the next big event? The one after that?

    Apple doesn’t invent. They increment.

    OOH now it’s 12GB instead of 8GB?!?! (never mind the proprietary microchip in the headphone cable) All hail the supreme glossy gadget overlords, OMFG, OMFG, pantswetting extravaganza! Pshaw. There are no quantum leaps like this in apple design anymore. Just baby steps. Call me jaded. And for the record, yes, it would totally change my perspective on them as a company if they released a product like this, and I would love to buy it. It’s totally lustable. I do own an iPhone. I guess I’m just lamenting the disparaging lack of innovation from the company that’s supposed to be the masters. I feel like apple has become the thing they set out to destroy: instead of being the small, smart guy who comes up with creative ways of giving you what you want, they have evolved into a bloated corporate leviathan who TELLS you what you want, and then repackages the same product with one insignificant new improvement, coasting on their previous innovations and all the while charging an arm and a leg under the guise of being a “premium” product. But it’s all shiny plastic from China, and I see through the BS. I hope more people do. Apple, you’ll see me in your store again when you have a genuinely new idea again. Or when you release this dock/alarm/projector combo pictured here. Which will be never. Sigh. End rant.

    • MadCow says:

      dude you must be high… this is not designed by apple, this is concept work by designers/students. so relax and enjoy. or get another dealer cause your weed is obviously wack.

    • Incremental product evolution is the norm in most major companies, the reason is simple its hugely profitable. With the view that people are more than willing to spend a lot for the next “trendy” upgraded product they would be crazy not to. Products and technologies are generally in a planned arc, with features piled on to get more sales for the next quarter or year.
      Real innovation comes from small companies, because they have no option but to get the markets attention and money in a hurry. If they are successful they too go into incremental improvements.

    • Rono says:

      No one wants to hear your rant.
      If it really bothers you, start a blog.
      Here: http://www.blogspot.com/

      Next time, give constructive criticism. The designers would appreciate it.

  • secretmanofagent says:

    Wouldn’t a subwoofer shake the projector’s image? I’m also curious about the power connection.

  • thecrunch says:

    Not sure if those pins that it’s supposed to rotate on would be able to counter balance the weight of the iPhone.. Unless there’s some massively clumsy mechanical part inside..

  • rich says:

    lol wow some of you guys really go too hard

  • John Q. Smith says:

    i think the biggest thing is the fact that the way the i(something) is placed into this pod thing will make it uncomfortable to use. Also, if you have the projector running, such a thin base with those thin metal rods will shake every time someone walks past it.

  • Eun Seok Huh says:

    Thanks introduction my E-POD Design.

    I’ll brace my energies to design. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • MadCow says:

    is apple really that popular in korea? please stop the madness and control your korean design students… if this is what korean designers are doing all day, its no wonder hyundai’s are a piece of crap.

    • Guiltouf says:

      It’s a very interesting product and the projector into the dock is really a great idea !

      But if I can, there’s a big functional mistake in this design : when the iphone is in the dock, the home button is not accessible…

      So just a less deeper dock and I buy it !! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • MadCow says:

        i am not posing the question of “if you are willing to buy it” im posing the question of “why the hell does every korean design student have to do an iThing?”

        has this world not suffered enough iCrap. We just need one company to design iToys… and thats Apple… because they know what they are doing and they do a damn good job at it.

        This kind of stuff is no different then amateurs making “Fan Art” for comics, video games, anime… is it really “art”? in this case, is this really design?

    • EOP says:

      Umm… ok, thats why 3 of the US’ automakers are on the brink of collapse and are begging money from the government? The foreign automakers are hurting, but not dying.

      Where is American innovation? Chevy releases a muscle car… but the Volt is years away? WTF?

  • Rono says:

    Beautiful but the woofer would shake the projector.
    The woofer should be separate from the E-Pod. Wireless, maybe?

  • Craig F. says:

    What about pricing on the E-pod? and where can I get one?

  • Eric says:

    Has anybody mentioned that the home button is inaccessible because it sits so low in the dock? That’s annoying, does this designer even own an iPhone? They would know you still need that button even when it’s docked…

  • phil excellente says:

    Apart from providing an elevated platform for the subwoofer what is the point of the tilting dock. Seems a little redundant especially when most of the buttons are situated nicely on the top as is the nice upon the side. i like the whole 1950’s microphone aesthetic of the products though. kudos

  • Joe P. says:

    Cool stuff, but from a functionality standpoint, would you rate this the ultimate iPod dock instead?


  • Monika says:

    Hello… Can you please tell me what is exact use of this? whether it is released or yet to release?

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  • MegMc says:

    I am surprised by how whiny many of these comments are. As a non designer, just an i Phone user – my only disappointment is that I can buy this right now.

  • MegMc says:

    I am surprised by how whiny many of these comments are. As a non designer, just an i Phone user – my only disappointment is that I can buy this right now.

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