Remotes In One Place Please

We’re supposed to embrace the one remote that rules all but even I have 4 separate ones sitting on my coffee table now. Tho I always know to keep them all in one place, some people are scatter cats. The Media Table by Sergey Saava is an ordinary media center with a sliding box to keep all your remotes in check. I especially like the double pane design element within the main box. Snazzy.

Designer: Sergey Saava


  • drjones says:

    hmmm it looks a bit messy to me with the remotes stikking up like that.. i would personly preefer simply to have my messy remotes hidden away in ex a drawer.

  • Eric says:

    I think it looks ok, but honestly I wouldn’t buy this. I think it looks more like a side table, and I set things on my side tables like drinks, coasters, some people have house phones… I wouldn’t want to move all my stuff again just to accommodate upright magazines, sorry.

  • p says:

    the sliding bookend idea is really cool, it has a simple but very unique and novel interaction with the user. I would almost play up that feature more so than the remote holding capabilities. I agree with drjones that the remotes just standing in a wood box at awkward angles could bother some people. I think that feature could be refined a bit in terms of how the remotes rest and how the user can pick them up/put them down.

    Also, to further refine the idea, I’d like to see some thought put into the mechanics of the sliding action, you’ve got this nice groove detail around the entire edge of the frame, what if the sliding component slid along that groove? then put a slight gap between the table surface and the slider to prevent it from scratching the surface as you slide it repeatedly. also, I like the very angular aesthetic, but perhaps also experiment with a more rounded-corner rectangle form on the table component that would contrast the boxiness of the slider. You might hate it, but then again it might prove more visually appealing and less predictable than the current aesthetic. And pick a different wood, imho. This just reminds me of the cheap wood furniture in my middle school. I’d love to see a lighter wood or a satiny-black finish. some IKEA shit. $.02

    unique design, awesome model, great work.

  • Agson says:

    What about the sliding mechanism? Will that leave a track on the surface of table?

  • Katrin says:

    To Agson. There are the special pads inside the sliding mechanism which prevent the surface of the table from scratching.

  • SIDD says:

    Some nice detail and conceptual work in this – would see it used as a side table though… certainly not as a central coffee table.

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