Multipurpose Sink From Kohler

The Kohler Prologue single-basin stainless steel kitchen sink with recessed wet surface creates a customized workflow station that’s perfect for food preparation. The integrated wet surface rests above the main basin to provide a separate area for rinsing fruits and vegetables or cleaning meats and seafood. An optional storage drawer and complementary accessories – a bamboo cutting board and stainless steel colander – complete this multipurpose system.

Two observations. One – those are some HUGE clams. Two – I’m looking at my sink now with pity and resentment.

Designer: Anne Kitzmiller


  • AG says:

    Those big guys there are Scallops, and they’re so damn tasty.

  • yorbs says:

    Finally someone actually thought about the kitchen sink!

  • moburkhardt says:

    How do you clean those edges where the metal meets the plastic, I can see this one going really wrong if implemented badly

  • Rony John says:

    I am thinking off buying one for MOM….

  • Colin says:

    I don’t get it.. It looks exactly like a normal sink in my house? Is there anything special about it?

  • Lauren says:

    I think the drawer being included to house the accessories is pretty cool.

  • John says:

    I don’t like this…I LOVE IT

  • Linda Holland says:

    Has anyone installed a standard sized dishwasher beneath the wet surface? Kohler doesn’t give the dimensions of the wet surface in their specifications.

  • Rono says:

    Love it! It’s stylish and convenient. 🙂

  • Kismet says:

    Your post regarding the Kohler Prologue is 7 years old but I am curious about the dishwasher below it. Did you do it? I just bought the Prologue and would like to get some tips on how you installed it above the dishwasher.


  • Kismet says:

    Your post is 7 years old but I am curious about the Kohler Prologue above the dishwasher. Did you do it? I just bought one and am only now trying to figure it out. Can you please give me some pointers?

    Best regards,

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