Basic Beauty

nr21 DESIGN together with Vodafone Design Team introduces one of its latest designs, the Vodafone 135. This will be one of the most affordable mobiles on the market. The Vodafone 135 is a classic candy bar phone, designed to make mobile communications affordable in developing markets, thanks to a short two line black and white display suitable for calls and texts. It will be available this summer on prepay tariffs.

The pure and slim shaped VF 135 shows a high level of precision and detail compared to other entry devices, due to the clear geometry and an interplay between matte and glossy areas. All keys are integrated in one rubber matte with a prominent relief for improved haptic feeling. The matte rubber material shows a clear contrast to the high-gloss display lens. A molded pattern on the backside gives the handset a modern and appealing look.

Designer: Nr21 Design