Knockin’ Around the Block Party!

Check these blocks out. They play music. One block, the base block, is the control block. This is the block that plays the music and responds to controls. The controls – they are the other blocks. Each block, depending on weight, adds volume to the music. To switch to a new track, turn a stacked block. Beware of using these blocks in high-traffic areas – birds, cats, and girlfriends, because if the blocks are knocked: no more music!

It’s just a couple months short of a year since we’ve seen designer Idan Arbel, one of the designers on this project – about to send the search teams out! We love you Idan! You and your team’s blocks.

These “Music Blocks” are splendorous – as is evident in the video below. As mentioned, the neat thing about this project is that the only block that has any electronics in it is the control block. The rest of the blocks are hardwood and tin conductors.

p.s. The video below is a must-see.

Designers: Idan Arbel, Dana Yichye Shwakchamn & Yossi Lugasi