The Future of Oral Care is Here with a 3-in-1 Modular Toothbrush that Brushes, Flosses, and Scrapes

As a reluctant flosser myself, I admit that it’s difficult to get into those hard-to-reach areas. It’s easy to brush or floss the front teeth but reaching in the back is always challenging because of multiple reasons. You can’t see what’s happening back there, sometimes your mouth doesn’t open wide enough, and even when it does, your fingers or the brush can often induce a gag reflex that just makes the entire process frustrating. Oral care isn’t easy and electric toothbrushes have solved only a third of the problem… which is why the folks behind the OraWand have a better, 3-in-1 solution that takes care of all your oral hygiene needs. Built with a modular design, the OraWand alternates between being an electric toothbrush, flosser, and tongue scraper. Its clever design features easy-to-snap-on biodegradable modules that can be discarded after use, and a narrow form factor that reaches the corners of your mouth without causing you to gag. The electric brush induces 37,000 vibrations per minute, dislodging particles and scraping plaque, while the handheld tongue scraper and flosser (designed to be used without the electric vibrations) give you a 3-in-1 solution that has you covered at all times.

Designer: Phileon Goh

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An estimated 3.5 billion people (that’s almost half the world’s population) suffer from bad oral hygiene and oral health-related diseases. This could range anywhere from halitosis (bad breath) to actual problems like cavities or tooth/gum infections, but that’s still a significant chunk of the population we’re talking about. With its ambitious 3-in-1 design, the OraWand hopes to permanently ‘fix’ oral hygiene by being a user-friendly yet tough-on-plaque brush that will take care of all your dental needs. Its design resembles that of an electric toothbrush, but is optimized to clean even the back of your molars with ease thanks to its narrow design. The bristle head is 30% smaller than the one found on regular toothbrushes, helping you surgically reach any area of your mouth, while plastic ridges on the back of the brush help you clean your tongue too, scraping the build-up off it (which dramatically helps improve your breath). Built to be modular, the toothbrush-head can be replaced with a floss-head, turning the OraWand into a flosser that works up to 300% faster than flossing with your hands. Combined, the three features comprise the holy trinity of good dental health.

Powerful, Plaque-cleaning Sweeps

The OraWand looks and feels like any electric toothbrush, but features a few clever details that set it apart. For starters, the bristles on the brush are narrow and compact, letting you easily target areas in between your teeth instead of simply scrubbing the outsides. A motor in the brush’s handle has it vibrating at up to 37,000 times per minute (that’s over 600 times per second) in a 10° sweeping arc to help scrub plaque and dislodge particles from between your teeth.

Gentle, Deep-cleaning Tongue Scraper

The reverse end of the bristles features the OraWand’s tongue scraper, with soft plastic ridges that help scrub your tongue. The OraWand’s 9.4cm (3.7 inch) long stem helps it reach well the back of the tongue too, while the stem’s 3mm (0.1 inch) thick design ensures you don’t gag. Done brushing and tongue, scraping? The OraWand’s brush head can slide all the way down to the handle, allowing you to mount its flossing module.

Fuss-free Flosser that’s 3x Faster

While it’s recommended that we floss regularly, there’s a pretty sizable chance that as you’re reading this, you probably skipped flossing today too (yes, count me in as well). Flossing is simple in theory but difficult in practice. The floss slips from underneath our fingers, and getting the floss to clean the back of our jaws is a herculean task given how difficult it is to open that wide. The OraWand’s clever design lets you slide the brush head away so you can mount its modular flossing attachment in its place. Snap the floss-head on top of the OraWand and it transforms into a flosser that works much more efficiently than using regular floss wrapped around your fingers. The wand’s slender design lets you reach the ends of your mouth without needing to open wide, and once you’re done, the biodegradable floss head can be removed and disposed of.

The OraWand’s design is optimized for travel. Unlike most electric toothbrushes that are designed to perpetually stand on your bathroom countertop, the OraWand features a slim design and a cover cap that allows you to slide it right into a purse, backpack, or travel case. The cover cap also doubles as a floss storage capsule that lets you carry up to 10 floss heads that should easily get you through long holidays with ease! The OraWand comes in two colors – Lavender and Blue Mist, and is available as a $36 bundle that includes the OraWand Brush, Floss Capsule, 30 Floss Heads, and a USB-C Charging Cable to keep your brush’s battery recharged.

Click Here to Buy Now: $36 $88 (60% off). Hurry, only 60/100 left!