Bindings Just Got Better

The Flow Caiman snowboard binding may be a more minimal approach than other designs on the market, but don’t be fooled, it packs greater functionality into a light design that aims to keep riders from constantly making pit stops to make adjustments. Every component has been redesigned to help the rider get in and out quickly and adjust the bindings without screwdrivers. See how it works!

Key Features:

Suspension system built into the base that provides cushioning

Highback and baseplate within the same structure so they don’t need to be adjusted indpendently

Collapsible binding that becomes nearly flat, allowing more boards to be stacked within a small space

Preset settings for stance and angle

Designer: Josh Cantor


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Now see snowboarding Boom big time with this new devivce, Must have.

  • eno says:

    uhm… how is this better than flow bindings ???

    honestly i dont see this changing any thing…

  • gael says:

    it is a nice design, but honestly, these already exist. just with fewer moving parts.

  • Josh says:

    I was the one who designed these and the explanation given wasn’t entirely accurate.

    There is no suspension system. What there is a pressure based break system that allows you to quickly take the bindings on and off the board (switch up boards from powder to park) and allows you to adjust the angle of the bindings the same way (basically instantly as long as you aren’t strapped in).

    The highback/cable system has nothing to do with the baseplate. The problem with Flow (when I designed these over 5 years ago) was the lack of tight fitment around the heal and the weight. This cable and lever system allowed the highback to fit perfectly snug and connected the binding together removing excess materials reducing the weight.

    Those are some of the things I changed. I’m not sure how far bindings have come along but I can say at the time of designing these that these features were unique.

  • Nice, do these work well in powder? I’d love to see how far they’ve developed since they were released. Good quick-release bindings are hard to find!


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