Eels Inspire This Fish And Chips Joint

Being vegetarian gives me two advantages; I don’t care if they don’t serve me eels for my dinner and I don’t care if this one-time-staple has turned into a delicacy (read expensive). However aquariums and marine life do excite me enough to explore what dear Henrik has envisioned for the tidal weir on river Clyde, Glasgow. His project looks at taking advantage of the two distinct ecosystems that exists due to the change from fresh water to salt water within the river estuaries.

Thanks to the favorable environment, the Anguilla (European eel) has made a comeback to the waters of Clyde. Hence he proposes to build a huge observation space, which showcases this elusive fish right from the breeding stages, to how attractive it can look on your dinner plate.

On The Threshold, Fish Restaurant And Breeding Facility plans on including a breeding lab, a fresh water aquarium containing glass eels and elvers, a salt water growing vessel containing silver eels, Drying Area, Smoking Pipe, kitchen and restaurant.
I’ll visit for the aquarium, but maybe you would like to sample some eels.

Designer: Henrik Width Kristiansen