Houseboat Colony For Oslo

Now I know that houseboats are a specialty of Amsterdam, but designer Espen Erikstad thinks otherwise. He feels that something like the Loup de Mer is what Oslo needs and that too for the student community. Ha! I can picture all the boys and girls getting all studious and cramming for their term papers over a round of fish and chips! I don’t buy this story one bit!

For an individual unit, the concept of this houseboat looks pretty neat and spacious.
It’s a duplex with ample living quarters and a colony of them co-exiting till the holiday season sets in.
For a student accommodation, it looks very extravagant.
For a globetrotter like me, I would love to spend some time on this!!

Designer: Espen E. Erikstad


  • K-Funky says:

    Nice concept. I like the idea of townhouses on water. Maybe there is too much glass. I didn’t want people to see how i’m walking undress or something like that )

  • float houses are really common from seattle to london. I have seen them as converted barges to custom built that look like “regular” houses. I do like the look of this, fits my tase, well done.

  • tater hole says:

    amazing how houseboats attract so many hot women. who knew?

  • Yellow Mellow says:

    I am student and i love it! It would create an amazing and peaceful environment for learning! the large windows are perfect and One thing is for sure there has to be shutter for some sort of privacy option!

  • Michman says:

    tater hole-

    also small dogs.

    Very popular for them

  • sovijo says:

    Just less glass for privacy

  • Keith says:

    Someone needs to bone up on their rendering skills.

  • Sam says:

    whoaa thats awesome they should do that. id get one!

  • Cromagnum says:

    Didnt ya know, they come with a free hot woman. No wonder sails have been brisk

    In other news, FEMA just ordered 40,000 of these with stimulus money. Just. In. Case.

  • Jaster says:

    beyond awesome!

  • John Simple says:

    I understand it comes with the pretty woman included (1 year guarantee).

  • i just wana say these are wonderful shots

  • M.S.W. says:

    Very nice design. Looks well thought out.

    Especially like the fact that when docked together they provide their own boardwalk. Thus eliminating alot of the hassles of a stationary dock.

    Only thing I could think would be missing from the design would be some sort of insert (either foam or inflateable preferably glow-in-dark) to go in the intersections where the docking decks meet. In order to avoid someone from accidently having their foot fall through the holes at night.

    Especially handy on those party nights 😉

  • Jt says:

    Sharp – but what are the realities? how would you hook up to utilities? It would be a cool concept to make them completely off grid…. They already have no footprint in terms of land space, but how awesome would it be if they had no environmental foot print and were completely sustainable – better yet – affordable and mass produced….

    • Its done all the time, look at houseboats where the sewage is stored aboard and then pumped off at a station or by a special boat. Fresh water tanks are the norm as are generators. Most use a combination where shore power, fresh water and communication is provided as part of your dock fee.

  • Jt says:

    right, I know that’s how it is normally done – but it would be cool to make them completely off grid – for example:

    solor and wind powered, gray water collecting, green roof growing, toilet composting – completely off grid home. As well as affordable and built with green materials. Just think NO utility bills and no foot print, and affordable up front cost… i guess the cost is a life change though…. hrmmm

  • brickie says:

    Mmmmm….what would happen if the two boats closest to the shore (the anchor boats/start of the board walk) were to leave? Im guessing all the others would either float away or go with them.

  • james braselton says:

    hi there looks like a star ship house on water now needs a halo deck

  • valdermarmike says:

    Great waterfront living,best views ! Change anytime you want !

  • valdermarmike says:

    Great waterfront living,best views ! Change anytime you want !

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