The Mother Of All Water Filters

The Rehydr8 is an eco-friendly water filter and chiller system that was designed to discourage the consumption of disposable water bottles and promote filtered tap water. The chiller uses the innovative technology of thermoacoustic refrigeration, using sound waves to create pressure and environmentally friendly gases to create a cool surrounding temperature. And YES this concept was actually thought out.

A pair of reusable bottles made from durable and translucent polycarbonate are supplied with the Rehydr8 appliance. Each bottle features a built-in and powerless thermometer, made from thermochromic plastic, to display the water’s temperature, making it easier to have perfectly chilled water every time.

Would you buy one? Although the thesis behind this concept is intriguing, one argues why this does any better than cartrige filters in water pitchers and even faucet attachments. Both provide quality drink water without the need for power and a minimal costs.

Designer: Justine Smith