The Mother Of All Water Filters

The Rehydr8 is an eco-friendly water filter and chiller system that was designed to discourage the consumption of disposable water bottles and promote filtered tap water. The chiller uses the innovative technology of thermoacoustic refrigeration, using sound waves to create pressure and environmentally friendly gases to create a cool surrounding temperature. And YES this concept was actually thought out.

A pair of reusable bottles made from durable and translucent polycarbonate are supplied with the Rehydr8 appliance. Each bottle features a built-in and powerless thermometer, made from thermochromic plastic, to display the water’s temperature, making it easier to have perfectly chilled water every time.

Would you buy one? Although the thesis behind this concept is intriguing, one argues why this does any better than cartrige filters in water pitchers and even faucet attachments. Both provide quality drink water without the need for power and a minimal costs.

Designer: Justine Smith


  • Sandra says:

    Nice, fancy tool! Looks like a must have!

    • Pzon says:

      Definitely…and I really like the name Rehydr8 – it sounds good and is clever by adding the number into the name – like sum1 or educ8.

    • JS says:

      whats wrong with tap water? i mean all that just for a cup of water. too many sci-fi movies guys.

  • Luke says:

    Those bottles irk me. What happens when one breaks? How would you replace it, especially if the company tanks? If this would accept any number of different water bottles (within reasonable size constraints, of course), I’d be much more inclined to buy into the concept.

  • M.S.W says:

    This would definitely sell well in a “Sharper Image” catalog. As far as “Luke’s” question. It appears the design of the dispensor can easily accomidate other containers to be placed underneath it for filling. Although a nice feature would be to include a clip-on/pull-out hose to fill larger containers.

  • Jon says:

    Certainly looks beautiful, and it’s probably designed aesthetically to give those Krup Coffee makers a run for their money.

    But I’m not too sure if I’d want yet another thing on my counter-top when a charcoal filter faucet attachment does the job just nicely.

    • Eric says:

      100% agree. I think my tap water does just fine (even without my filter!) The US has some of the highest standards for tap water but people are stupid enough to buy into “designer” water daily. So I guess with a great marketing campaign this could do quite well, but should that justify it’s need? And I don’t have any more room on my counter either!

    • pmad says:

      True, but if you could fill this with vodka – I’m there

  • looks pretty cool, like a Umbrella Corp Water Filter.

  • VoidingWarranties says:

    Nothing that is environmentally friendly will ever succeed unless it’s cheap, and I can’t imagine this being cheap.

    • Jitty says:

      Last time I heard, this sound cooling technology is suppose to be expensive, like shit load expensive ($10,000 per module) But I guess the price went somewhat down.

  • malcs says:

    this is really cool, especially if the things that filled up were sports water-bottles, I would find this very useful!

  • matt says:

    great choice in a name -.-

  • John says:

    Definitely not affordable for average people, unless to be made in China.

  • leonel says:

    wow looks very expensive. in the menwhile we regular folks can get this filter.

  • True, but if you could fill this with vodka – I’m there

  • Stephen says:

    If it were affordable then I would get it, sure.

  • Erlene Riggi says:

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