Would You Confuse Them For Pool Balls?

I know I would! The Field Roamers are illuminated spherical objects that are a product of experimentation with the primary goal of seeing how “light bounces could affect the appearance of geometry with varying surfaces in low light.” The lights have no explicit moving parts but their illuminated tracks and the obvious form indicate that you could just roll them along the surface. Cool roving lights I say!

Designer: Adam Heslop


  • Carl says:

    Style over content, just what is this? an excersise in rendering? what is this product who is it market at, what problem does it solve? where are the aesthetics? it cant be assessed without knowing what it is?

  • S.K. says:

    I agree, it is not clear what this is..

    However the renderings are impressive! What program did you use?

  • Eric says:

    Definitely a case of Form waaaaayyy beyond Function. They could have at least faked it and said they were outdoor ball lights or something. They didn’t even try to give it a function. I agree with Carl, this is a practice of rendering.

  • Adam says:

    They is a he and this is not trying to be any more than an exercise. So don’t worry too much about literal function. Also in responce to the earlier comment, the whole scene was modelled, textured & rendered in Cinema 4D.

    • Eric says:

      Sweet, you did a good job modelling and rendering it. My favorite is the grass in the first shot…

  • Chozo says:

    I dunno, I wouldn’t mind one of those grey-silver ones. I especially like the one in the second picture, that has a track going down the Prime Meridian and tracks branching perpendicular to it. How big are they supposed to be?

  • So says:

    Polo, anyone?

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