Give Your Input on The Mozilla Phone

Working with Aza Raskin of Mozilla Labs as part of their Concept Series, yours truly is helming the open source project to design the Mozilla Phone.  The lovely BlackBerry you see here is the first throw-away concept to come out of the project blog at While only a crude mashup of a Blackberry 7130 and the Optimus Keyboard, its serves to illustrate how much more we need phones to communicate with us.

Mixing channels of communication like with the Storm’s clickable screen or this concept’s OLED buttons allow the phone to create more information rich experiences that help break down barriers created by size limitations.  If you’re technically inclined Industrial or Interface design, or just like talking about phones, leave some comments or contribute over at the development blog.

Designer: Billy May


  • matt says:

    i like the overall shape of the phone somewhat. the bookmark buttons are nice too, I’d love that on my phone, but I personally am still not sold on the whole QWERTY thing, so i’d wait for someone else to respond on that….

    • JM says:

      i’v always lyked th full keyboard, but not all the space that it takes. bb pearl took sum getting used 2, but has bn my favorite thus far. i did however miss the touchscreens of palm & iPhone. i rili lyk how th fixed buttons change w/o taking away from the screen size.

  • OwenCM says:

    I really like this, means you can choose qwerty/abc keyboard etc without hjaving it all to be touch screen so you can still feel buttons 🙂

    Also has some nice developments for web browsing etc. Really like this! Nice one!

  • Something with ALL the features of the iphone but with the keyboard like the LG Voyager would be absolutely awesome. GPS, mp3, WIFI…

  • greiff says:

    My thoughts:

    A hybrid of SE P900 and Blackberry: Not a good start, as both product have a very dominant image of a big and chunky/clunky phone. May it has a positive feeling regarding functions and practicality, it looks too much like a result from mid 90’s!!!

    Not that big is good, but at least i do think the screen ratio should reflect a true WEB format instead of the traditional 4:3 ratio. If it’s a touch product a screen this size is a well known mistake.

    Change-able keypad is a nice idea, but the Optimus Maximus route is not a great one. Practicality and energy source will be your first headache. This will be the hottest topic of discussion: Full screen with touch Vs slide out physical keys? Fans on both side will eat you alive! Given that i do see the point of both. Perhaps a solution of combining two is needed, say a touch screen that gives improved tactility to a key press, without feeling pressing on a badly-functioning plastic gym panel?

    That’s all so far…As mentioned these are only personal thoughts so i hope i am not starting any hater’s post. I do believe a new perspective in mobile communication is much needed, from time to time to keep us customer happy 🙂


  • Eric says:

    I just honestly don’t believe any one of us will ever be entirely satisfied until we have shape-shifting phones. Full physical, tactile, and graphical customizing for the entire unit. That will be the day….
    But this is a great start! I personally love having sacrificed buttons for a larger screen, therefore I live with an iPhone. But tactile feedback is high on my wish list. I like the features this offers, I’m just biased towards always wanting more I guess…

  • Xenothium says:

    I am completely with the idea of oled screen based buttons because everyone I know does like to feel the buttons he presses. I don’t really think that touchscreens will ever be able to take the place of real buttons. Although this might sound untrue but I myself designed a phone with oled based buttons. I am relatively new to the field of concept mobiles. I would like to know what software you people use to make these phones. Till now I have designed on paper but I would like to make them on computer too.
    e-mail- [email protected]

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