The One True Vinyl iPod Killer

It doesn’t quite play real vinyl. It does appear to roll through records, though. It’s nice and roundy, it’s got multiple color schemes and configurations… it’s totally unnatural.

It’s called the Soma, and it comes in plastic, steel, wood, leather and a Yanko favorite: bamboo!

This is a digital music player. It’s got three big panels on the back, and two touchscreens on the front. The panels on the back look like buttons, but they aren’t. They are mostly for show: one of the more unique features of this player is the variety of materials it can sport.

(as listed above and below)

The touch-screens in the front would be revolutionary if they hadn’t been beaten by the smart phone train. What they display, though, is neat: flipping through album covers resembles flipping through vinyl record covers, and when one of these sleeves is chosen, the record sneaks out and starts spinning.

Finally, amongst some lesser details:

The designer of the Soma is the infamous 17-year-old design prodigy, Andrew Seunghyun Kim!

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim [ Via: Core77 ]