Brass Knuckles Purse Would Probably Give Me A Black Eye

I’m not saying I’m a misogynist, but I can’t help but feel traitorous with respect to my sex for posting this brass knuckle inspired “Punch-Bag.” I’m sure a woman who would use this on an ungentlemanly man would have good reason, but I can only hope the knuckles themselves are as plastic as the bag.  For those interested in the odd textile, it’s a laser-sintered polyamide formed into mobius-like links that chain together.

Available at Freedom of Creation

Designer: Jiri Enehuis & Janne Kyttanen


  • Eric says:

    I love it. I thought of 3 people instantly that I know would buy the large one asap. (If it wasn’t $533.47 though…) Hell for that much the handle should be removable for use! Ouch!

  • Carl says:

    not keen on the juxtaposition of weapons within design, either from starck lamps to brass knuckle mugs. it adds to the glamourisation of the dark side of society. im sure this is just a laugh, but tell that to someone who has been mugged recently.

    • Eric says:

      I agree that glamorizing violence takes away it’s reality of senseless harm, but there are different degrees…
      In movies and TV it’s all about glamorizing it. However in fashion it’s inanimate presence on a shirt, or bag leaves the viewer with a reminder. Not that it’s to be “cool,” but that we are surrounded by violence. Instead of playing “out of sight, out of mind” with life’s dangers, we’re more likely to do something about it with a constant reminder of the suffering it has brought. Why ignore that?
      In fashion it’s designed to make a statement (and therefore makes money.) However on TV and in movies it’s designed to make money (and therefore makes money.) Big difference in the intentions to me.

  • zippyflounder says:

    i doubt if you could walk aboard a airplane with that beastie..secuitry ya know.

    • Eric says:

      True, add it to the list of a million others you can’t bring on also….

  • cube says:

    INNOVATION vs IMITATION!! This one should defenetly go for the plagiarius contest… Personally I like the original (from james piatt) better..

    It screams for leather :O

  • Carl says:

    if you cant wear a t-shirt at an airport with a gun printed on it you will not ba able to take this anywhere..! club, museum airport…

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