Keep on Finger Snippin

Cut! It! Out! You’ve got to be kidding me, girl! These scissors get three snaps in a circle, that’s my word. I suppose they’ll cause carpal tunnel, but what doesn’t, these days? Not much, I’ll tell you that. So will designer Efrat Gommeh.

And don’t forget the bonus concept!

This little thing fits over your fingers so that when you make the “snip snip” scissors motion, you actually are using a scissors. Very elegant. Then, as a bonus design, Gommeh presents this “Folding Scissors” which turns from a 2-D item into a 3-D: origami for the destroyers of paper.

Designer: Efrat Gommeh


  • Eric says:

    Pair 1: Is there an issue of scissors not being compact already? I mean it’s cool they collapse, but why do we need them?
    Pair 2: If you’re going to carry around a thick pair of finger scissors to cut 1 maybe 2 pieces of paper (3 inches at a time,) why not just carry small scissors that can cut through more, and already store flat? The only use I can think of for them is to cut wrapping paper, by just slicing through (no open/close action) then I would still see a risk to paper cutting my hand.

  • Mowgli says:

    lol this is hilarious!

  • ZGiSH says:

    Fail at design.

  • zippyflounder says:

    so totaly ignore mechincal advantage for a form factor that is “cute”. Heck cute sells to some, for a while.

  • jejejow says:

    Haven’t you guys heard of concept before? These aren’t for marketing. The first is meant to be an ironic design (paper being cut by paper) and the second is meant to “represent the gesture people make to express cutting with scissors”. Both done successfully. In my opinion.

    • zippyflounder says:

      in other words….art, not product.

    • Eric says:

      “Paper scissors” doesn’t mean they are made out of paper. It means because the design is so weak it can only be used to cut paper. The second pair is exactly that- to represent the gesture… But is somebody going to go ‘design’ a fake hand to hold for waiving at others now? Would that be a successful concept in your book as well?

  • winnie says:

    i may take the trouble to use this with my fingers!

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Q: Fat finger?

    • Eric says:

      Exercise and proper diet. Not finger scissors. Lol, I know your kidding. 😉

  • Carl says:

    absolute crock.

  • addiktion says:

    I think it would be more effective if you used 3 fingers and you had one finger on the backside to apply pressure to the blade and use the other 2 fingers to guide with.

    However the downside is I do see someone completely idiotic cutting their finger with this if they aren’t paying attention.

  • RY says:

    i think you get the most cutting control and precision with your thumb and index finer. not as much dexterity is between your index and middle. but a very cool exercise on repetitive motion, would have some value with the textile market?

  • Scissors says:

    What a nice pair of scissors!

  • TerryS says:

    I think those are amazing scissors,and can be usefull in haircutting,because it`s really protective and goodlooking.I want to have one of it!

  • Jose says:

    I have a son with Autisum the does not like to have his hair cut. I would like to try these scissors so I can just run my fingers thru his hair and cut it with out him having a big fit.

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