Luggage With a Secret Stash


Studio Mango and Princess Traveller are the most recent recipients of a Red Dot Design Award for their Safety luggage collection that offers some simple yet innovative solutions to give travelers peace of mind. The inspiration came from one of the designer’s own experiences in an airport when he witnessed a mom of 2 with her arms full struggle to pick up documents she dropped while holding her children. As he assisted her in gathering the belongings, he thought “there’s got to be a design solution for this!” and voila! Here it is!

The all-new carry-on features a hidden compartment for storing their passport, travel tickets and other important travel documents. Not just a deterrent for thieves, it’s also a clever addition that makes accessing these necessities quick, easy and convenient. Incorporated neatly into the handle, the compartment is only revealed when the user pulls it out after the handle is extended. Great for paperwork. Even better for sneaking on snacks!

Designer: Studio Mango for Princess Traveller