Yanko Design Partners With Bunkspeed

We don’t often make announcements but this one certainly deserves its own entry. Yanko Design is partnering with Bunkspeed, purveyors of the excellent HyperShot rendering software. Those of you who have written us have testified to HyperShot’s amazing renders. We were especially smitten with its speed – honestly the fastest renderer we have ever used and it’s multi-platform, so that’s a win-win in our book.

So why do you care? Well my dear readers because if you look to the top right corner of yours and my favorite website, you’ll see we’ve added a new button, “Bunkspeed HyperShot.” That’ll take you to our official press release but more importantly, the opportunity to download a 15-day trial and purchase your own copy.

Be it a product designer, industrial designer, automotive designer, furniture designer or architect, HyperShot is a must have in your pipeline. I’m telling you, the SPEED is really incredible. Other software packages take nearly half a day if not more to achieve the same kind of results. We’re talking real-time global illumination and physics here!

Those of you who already use HyperShot, please contact us, tell us your story. Show us work you’ve created with HyperShot. Maybe we can put together a gallery of HyperShot renders created by Yanko Design readers. You’ve always wanted to be featured on this site, now is your chance. Many of you asked us “what’s the best software to use?” Well here you have our choice for best renderer and we’re giving you a 15-day trial.

“But Yanko, we can already get a 15-day trial from Bunkspeed’s website, what gives?”

How about a yummy discount? Thanks to our new partners, Yanko Design readers will get 10% off at checkout when you enter code “Yanko-0910.”

Best Renderer: Bunkspeed HyperShot


  • Mowgli says:

    love the logo

  • p says:

    awesome! Yanko’s work is always pushing the boundary of interesting design and in many cases Bunkspeed is the tool that was used to make it happen.

    The discount is good news, too! I’m getting ready to buy it with some x-mas mula.

  • kevin says:

    love hypershot!!^_^

  • pp says:

    yes, I have used bunkspeed using trial version.

    I think bunkspeed is very good program.

    so fast, and so simple.

    but in my case, It is inconvinience. If i just do sample render, It is ok. but If I make catalog image for client, I thought, this program is not good.

    Also, If students use this program, yes, quite good.
    but, the students will be stupid.

    • Miles says:

      yeah, clever students all know that good design only comes from a progress of model making. In my opinion, this is a perfect program for everyone, especially students, so that they can spend more time experiencing real design and life, not sitting in front of computers foolishly and wasting time doing useless rendering.

  • says says:

    that guy has some serious can control

  • Moody says:

    What great design, audio that starts up on load! I love interruptions in my work flow!

  • Berllin says:

    ^ ^

  • 01011002 says:

    i tried it, liked the idea of fast and nice renders but….
    once you are used to real eye candy from the likes of maxwell render and v
    ray. its just a toy! quick but very basic and limited
    sorry but just my humble opinion. plus i dont mind sleeping while my computer does the work 🙂

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