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I was recently asked by my friends at Designer Pages to curate a collection of my favorite products. Naturally, I tried to focus on products influenced by modern international design. But it got me thinking, why don’t I see more products listed by YD readers… at least those of you who are product designers. I like to think Yanko Design can both inspire design concept and additionally contribute to the profession at the same time. So a shout out to all YD product designers: if you think your products belong in my collection, post to Designer Pages and ping me to have a look.


  • Joel says:

    cool idea…

  • Armin says:

    you know what would be great?! A competition/brainstorm!
    There are plenty readers from a broad range of skills. Why not put up a monthly product, we, as a community, should improve.

    • Eric says:

      You know I thought this was a great idea, but then I thought about it again- The entire website already is that whether it was intended to be or not. I rarely see a post where someone hasn’t opinionated the designers intentions with a product and told them the “right” way to do it. I love the idea of it being more collaborative though, lets work together not against each other!

      • Armin says:

        that’s exactly why i thought a brainstorm would be nice, to channel all that wisdom and creativity.

        • Eric says:

          YES! Let’s set up an international time that we can all log on to live chat about the idea at the same time! That would speed up the process as well as make it more exciting!

  • paul sandip says:

    i think…one can take a look at designers…Location wise…that would make yanko truly global

  • zuy says:

    great paul

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