Color Cube Your Way

Colors surround us. As a creative, you obsess over color everyday but struggle when trying to match or use an exact color in your projects. Now you can finally ditch those heavy swatch books and speed up your creativity with Cube, a sleek and innovative color capturing tool that pairs with your smart devices.

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A portable color sensor, Cube lets you capture the color of anything while on the go, even your skin!

Once you’ve captured a color, the Cube Companion App on smartphones let’s you record, tag and match your colors to thousands of in-built color libraries. You can even hook Cube up to Adobe Photoshop with the Cube Link desktop app and instantly match to PANTONE – how convenient is that!

Cube packs a bunch of smart functions (look them up here), including Bluetooth technology to allow you to seamlessly transfer your real-world color inspiration over to your desktop and smartphone.

Built by creatives for creatives, Cube brings a number of advantages to the creative workflow:

  • Link to Photoshop and instantly use real-world colors
  • Match color to paint brands, right there in the app
  • Correctly color-grade your photographs with real surface color readings
  • Easy spot checks to ensure color consistency
  • Capture fashion design inspirations for colorful textiles
  • Create digital color assets that pop when printed

How does it do all that? With rocket science… almost!

Housed inside the Cube is a sphere that contains a light source and a color sensor. A controlled sequence of light is shone through an aperture onto the surface, before being redirected back into the sphere toward the color sensor, capturing accurate color from any surface.

Besides being an extension for creative minds, Cube’s open ColorAPI makes it easy for developers and makers to build amazing color applications. Cube can output colors in the RGB, CMYK, HEX, LAB, and LRV color spaces, with support for multiple color profiles as well.

To sum up, Cube is here to stay as the on-the-go creative companion that captures colors at your whim!

Designer: Swatchmate [ Buy it Here ]