Getting Up While Getting Down

You new punk rockers and your graffiti skateboards! New wave, you say? No way. This skateboard is a strait up wild-style NYC modernist skateboard design. It’s an art-board, inspired by New York City “Wild Style” graffiti, but it’s also functional. Its unique shape provides lots of gawkers along with new bends, twists, and banks you’ve never broken your neck with before.

Designer Loren Kulesus describes the unique skate experience you’d have riding the “IPSVM” board to be comparable to a convertible car. One who is used to driving a “normal” car finds driving a convertible totally wild: they’ll find the same to be true of the IPSVM board. The same is true, Kulesus says, about the trucks specifically. Take a peek at them, skateboard enthusiasts, and say specifically how nice you’d be able to turn.

And about these banks… What kind of banks we talking about, Loren? The banks are totally amazing I bet.

Totally amazing banks.

Designer: Loren Kulesus