Why wouldn’t you clad your precious iPhone in this Midnight Green Suede case??

I’ll be honest, I don’t like cases but they’re an absolute necessity. I take really good care of my phone, but even I’m not a stranger to an accidental drop only to find that my new phone has a slight scratch or dent in it. It’s annoying to cover your beautiful phone in an ugly case, but it’s heartbreaking to actually damage your phone because you’re a “no case” kind of person… so here’s a best-of-both-worlds sort of case. Made from premium suede, this iPhone 11 Pro case gives your phone protection as well as a soft touch, while looking absolutely glorious. The velvety suede finish comes in midnight green to match your phone’s wonderful color, and while it doesn’t bounce light off itself the way the iPhone’s glass does, it’s an absolute upgrade over having an ugly silicone or plastic case. I mean come on, it’s suede!

Designer: GadgetFlow