Sloppy Feed Times Turn Meticulously Tidy

A messy bib, food on the high chair and you know mom’s been having a hard time feeding the baby. Spoo was a neat idea for kids, but something more sophisticated is required when solids like rice and porridge is introduced into the diet. The versatility of the SlideSpoon is sure to tide mom over.

Spoon in spoon, that’s the trick of this mundane kitchen cutlery. The smaller head is snug enough to feed the baby (or a patient) without the fussy spills.

Lesser spills means lesser cleaning up to do after the feed time. This I’m sure will make all moms happy. Hey even I may be tempted to feed the kids once in a while!

Designer: Keu-Ru Han


  • Chung Dha says:

    Don’t see why this is not going to be messy.

  • fb says:

    i don’t see the longevity of this product

    i still have the small metal spoons and the baby spoons from my childhood… and i still use them

    they’re good for ice cream and stirring small cups!

  • ZGiSH says:

    Well the reasoning behind this spoon is so you don’t have to tip it at an angle to get the food liquids into the baby’s mouth. I find it unessecery since the messiness comes from the babies inability to keep the food IN his or her mouth but a design that aims to do what it was made to do is fine by me.

  • paul sandip says:

    looks like it’s going to be more messy…coz its too complicated. 😀

  • Brian says:

    Very difficult to clean!

  • Eric says:

    One of those things you see an hour long infomercial on explaining how amazing it is, then you get one and never use it, cause a spoon works fine! Just feed the kid with a syringe if you’re a clean freak with a baby.

  • Emily says:

    don’t we need another slidespoon on this slidespoon? Or how can we know there’s no spill out of this slidespoon?

    • matt says:

      haha good point emily!
      nah this spoon is stupid – useless
      Keu-Ru Han, wtf?

  • Carl says:

    hard to sterilize, another useless gadget that will probably sell.

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